ISO 3100 Foundation

PECB Risk Management Foundation Course

Risk is present in every aspect of our life, from mundane everyday activities such as choosing a route to work, to complex corporate decisions such as opening a manufacturing plant in a different country. Much effort was put over the past decades to better understand risk and its nature, which led to the creation of methodologies and approaches that enable individuals and organizations to make accurate decisions based on logical reasoning. One of the most distinguished frameworks to address risk is provided by ISO 31000, an international standard that incorporates principles, proven practices, and guidelines on managing risks faced by organizations.

The ISO 31000 Foundation training course presents the basic principles and approaches of managing risks and opportunities based on the guidelines of ISO 31000. This training course focuses on the main components of ISO 31000: basic terms and definitions, principles of risk management, risk management framework, and risk management process. In addition, each step of the risk management process is analyzed and elaborated individually.

Upon completion of the training course, you can sit for the exam and apply to obtain the “PECB Certificate Holder in ISO 31000 Foundation” designation. The certificate demonstrates that you understand the fundamental concepts of risk and methodologies for risk management based on the guidelines of ISO 31000.

  • Risk management professionals
  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the ISO 31000 guidelines for risk management principles, framework, and process
  • Individuals responsible for the creation and protection of value in an organization
  • Personnel tasked with managing the risks and opportunities in their area of responsibility
  • Individuals interested to pursue a career as a risk manager
  • Upon successful completion of this training course, the participants will be able to:

    1. Summarize the main concepts and principles of risk management as articulated in ISO 31000
    2. Explain the ISO 31000 guidelines for establishing the risk management framework
    3. Describe the application of the risk management process in accordance with ISO 31000 guideline
  • The training course is participant centered and contains:

    • Lecture sessions are illustrated with graphics, examples, and discussions 
    • Interactions between participants by means of questions and suggestions
    • Quizzes with similar structure to the exam
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