Digital Solutions

Delivering Excellence In Technology

Toniceli Digital functions as a leader in system integration, with a strong focus on comprehensive, large-scale software and hardware solutions that drive significant digital transformation. Our primary objective is to facilitate intelligent digitization, empowering our clients to maximize the benefits derived from their technological investments. Our array of services is meticulously categorized, encompassing telecom and ICT infrastructure, complete establishment of data centers, ELV systems, IoT and intelligent innovations, software solutions, enterprise and financial services, industrial and grid automation, as well as cloud services. Our expansive network of technology partners spans across various sectors, and our solutions cater to diverse industries, including governments, utilities, telecommunications, oil and gas, enterprises, and financial establishments.

Energy Management

As a prominent supplier of intelligent metering solutions, we specialize in a range of innovative ICG energy measurement devices designed for both residential and commercial purposes. These cutting-edge devices deliver real-time data, empowering utility enterprises to effectively oversee energy consumption, forecast demand patterns, and optimize expenditure. Simultaneously, these devices enable consumers to adopt eco-conscious behaviors, leading to substantial reductions in energy expenses.

Through our advanced smart meters and grids, you gain the ability to forecast your forthcoming energy management requirements with precision. Our offerings grant you access to the latest digital solutions driven by IoT, data lakes, and smart city technologies. By leveraging these resources, you can proactively safeguard your business against future challenges, striking an ideal equilibrium between performance, efficiency, and dependability.

Systems Integration

As a leader in integration, we specialize in telecommunications, ELV, cybersecurity, Cloud, and IoT systems. Our commitment to top-tier engineering and establishing enduring partnerships underscores our dedication to keeping our clients at the forefront of their industries.

Our comprehensive offerings encompass a diverse array of network solutions, spanning routing, switching, unified communications, voice services, content delivery, telepresence, optical solutions, wireless connectivity, and broadband services. Additionally, our expertise extends to storage networking, security implementation, management solutions, application network services, server networking, and virtualization. Each of our systems is designed for complete scalability, providing end-to-end solutions complemented by robust service and post-implementation support.

Our specialization lies in the art of harmonizing components and subsystems sourced from diverse technologies and manufacturers. This expertise allows us to deliver optimal ICT systems tailored to your business, irrespective of its size.

Data Center Solutions

Should you require an advanced, cutting-edge data center, Toniceli Digital stands ready to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of services, spanning from construction to orchestration and analytics. Just as with all endeavors associated with Toniceli, we adopt a holistic approach to our projects, functioning as a singular provider of all-inclusive solutions. Our extensive proficiency allows us to furnish an integrated resolution, characterized by optimal time and cost efficiency.

Our offerings encompass a variety of essential aspects, including:

– Design and construction
– Electrical systems and communication cabling
– Efficient project management
– Rigorous testing
– Thorough commissioning and ongoing maintenance

Telecom & Networking

Engage us right from the beginning for your ICT and security requirements, and we will create a system by selecting from various suppliers to ensure the highest degree of dependability and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re dealing with intricate undertakings or minor enhancements, Toniceli Networks is well-equipped to furnish all-encompassing turnkey resolutions for a wide array of needs:

– DWDM/OTN solutions
– SDH/MSPP/MSTP implementations
– IP transport services
– PDH/PCM multiplexing solutions
– LAN/WAN setups
– Routers and switches configurations
– Industrial Ethernet systems
– Wireless radio and paging systems
– Unified communications platforms